XBox One, Microsoft's Newest Gaming Sensation?

Microsoft officially announces the arrival of the latest member of the X-Box family, X-Box One. With the wild success of the X-Box, and the X-Box 370, Microsoft looks towards the future and adds several technological advances to their latest gaming system. From voice command, to complete channel control, and even an upgrade to X-Box live. Will Microsoft hit a home run?

Microsoft announced Monday, that the latest edition of its popular gaming system "X-Box One."

In unveiling the latest in the X-Box family, Microsoft president of interactive business stated "Today, we look forward." The latest X-box will incorporate features that have become popular mainstays in the technology, and gaming world. 

Among the new features to be offered by the X-Box One, are: voice command, cloud integration, and universal gestures. 

The addition of voice command will give the gamer the unique ability to control nearly every aspect of the game, and game system. The voice control aspect of the X Box One, will also allow the user to switch between channels, and browse the web without having to use a paddle, or an external keyboard. 

In addition, the X-Box One, will also contain a new feature called the "One Guide." This guide will funtion much like a cable, satellite or Tivo box, in that it will display dates, times, and features so that the user can select a show, or feature in the same way they would if they were watching TV. This will prevent the gamer from ever having to look for a remote control.

The console will come with a standard 8GB of Ram, as well as a Blu Ray drive, a USB 3.0 connector, and HDMI in and out. Thanks to the new cloud computing implementation, X-Box live, will now run on 300,000 servers which is a 10,000 times increase from the current X-Box 360 models. 

The official first launch of the X-Box One, will include four highly popular games, provided by EA Games. These titles will include "Fifa 14," "Madden 14," "UFC," and "Forza Motorsport 5." 

Also announced at the press conference, is Microsoft's agreement with legendary director Steven Spielberg, to direct and produce a TV show based on the hit game "Halo."

Although no official date has been released, X-Box One is slated to be released "Later this year." It is expected to produce stiff competition for the "Wii U," which was released by Nintendo in 2012. It is also a major advancement from X-Box 360, which was originally released in 2005, and will still be a market competitor after the X-Box One, is released. It is expected that the X-Box One will support previous releases for the X-Box 360 platform. 

For more information on the X-Box One, you can visit the official Microsoft website at


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