How to Hack Bloons Tower Defense 4 with Cheat Engine (Written)

A failsafe way to hack BTD 4 with cheat engine along with some cool challenges for it to put you in challenge land.

This is an article on how to hack Bloons Tower Defense 4 with Cheat Engine. You can download cheat engine here: Please download Cheat engine at your own risk, I do not take any responsibility if it stuffs up your computer. I have had no problems at all with it so do not worry about virus'. When you hack different games that are not flash games, you do exactly the same thing except do not times by eight as it does not work. Although I would reccommend that you look up the guide on how to hack it as sometimes it is encrypted. Have fun dominating the game and showing your friends your sun filled track. Make them watch in awe as you totally slaughter the bloons and have the time of your life shooting bloons!

1. Open Bloons Tower Defense.

2. Open Cheat engine.

3. Click on the flashing computer in the top right hand corner.

4. Click "windows list" and find Bloons Tower Defense 4.

5. Start your game (Bloons Tower Defense)

6. Find how much money you have and times it by 8.

7. Put the number you found in the Hex box.

8. Click "First Scan", It should come up with a bunch of results.

9. Buy something.

10. Times your money by 8 and go "Next Scan"

11. Keep this process up until you find 1 result.

12. Highlight it and click on the red arrow pointing down

13. The address should now be in the bottom box, in the Value column double click

14. Change it to whatever you want as long as it is a multiple of 8

15. Do not change to above 800000000.

16. Enjoy

Once you have done this, I have a couple of challenges for all you hardcore gamers out there.

1. Try to fill the WHOLE field with the black spy planes, Make it so you can't see anything else.

2. Try to start a new game and only use the sun god, nothing else.

3. Try to beat the game with only lvl. 1 monkeys.

4. Beat the game with only planes.

5. Beat the game with only missiles (nothing on the field).

You can then try combining these challenges to make the ultimate challenge and have a great time with cheat engine. I hope this article has helped and I hope it will help you on your gaming career. Just enjoy the net, Let it smuther you in its flow and follow it to wherever it takes you.

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