EA Origin Store vs Steam: Which Gaming Platform is Best?

Steam has the upper hand on Origin in most respects, mostly due to the fact that Steam started out with a more general platform goal. EA is mostly EA-centered, and they lack support when it comes to other types of games. The Origin platform just doesn't h

Getting the games you want can happen instantly now instead of requiring you to wait to get your hands on a piece of plastic first.  But the question is, which of the gaming platform services will get you the games you want at the price you can actually afford?

EA Origin Store

EA is one of the most popular game production companies by a wide margin, and they actually have their very own distribution program and gaming platform. The system has cloud storage in terms of both game play and the games themselves.

Origin is easy to download from the main origin.com site in the top right corner.


PC and Mac Compatible

-Free Games

-Top Notch Support-Many people online report that Origins has good support service and they just give out coupons if you have any trouble with the game loading

-Free Shipping Deals on Hardcopy Games

-Origins Exclusive Content for EA Games

-Multiple Platforms-The system supports Wii U, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 as well as


-Community a bit lacking

-Still has bugs to work out

 Download non-computer games such as for Wii U.


Steam is the go-to gaming platform PC solution for just about everyone these days. It has an extensive community and a never-ending set of features such as the huge number of demos throughout all the companies and not just from EA. From pre-order deals and extras, to community, to AI personalization, Steam has it all.

Click on "Recommended" under "Store" to get smart recommendations.


-Large and Active Community

-Pre-order Sale Specials-Steam is known for having fantastic pre-order deals where you can get substantial savings on games. But even more than that, there’s the “pre-order.

-Auto Track Unlocked Achievements

-More Variety than mostly just EA games

-Customization-The fact that Steam can learn your preferences and make guesses about what you’ll want in the future is a huge plus. A lot of systems that say they have this actually don’t offer anything that useful but Steam gets it right. The “Recommended” section in the program offers DLC, sequels, games by the same makers and so on of games that you frequently play. It makes finding stuff you like way easier.

-Give Gifts Easily- One nice feature from Steam is that you can easily buy games and send them to friends for them to download. It’s easily one of the best ways to give electronic gifts without any hassle. The fact that Steam is used so universally now makes this often a better choice than with Origins as well.

Check out pre-purchase rewards under new game pre-orders for special exclusive extras.


-Lacks Multiplatform support beyond computers.

The Better Platform

Honestly, Steam outperforms EA in most every way, with a few exceptions. Obviously, if you love mostly EA games and not much of anything else, than the choice is easy. If you love lots of games across many different companies than it gets a little harder. But here are a few guidelines.

Community-Steam has been around longer in terms of online gaming development and they’ve developed their community more.

Special Pre-order Deals- The “pre-purchase” deals from Steam are pretty nice and they often makes you feel like you’re helping the overall community, as well as getting something extra just for buying a game early.

Multiple Platforms- One of the few places where Origins comes across better is in terms of multiple platforms. They are even preemptively adding platform support to game systems that aren’t even out yet. This is the advantage of having a gaming company that also doubles as an online platform. They can do more with their games and go across platforms so you can buy their games from their Origins program regardless of whether you have PC, MAC, Wii, Xbox or anything else, including so far, keeping up to date with new systems as they come out.

This video will guide you through using Steam, though it is often intuitive.

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